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Room Cooler Vs Desert Cooler | Best Cooler in 2024

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Air Coolers are one of the best and pocket-friendly colling solutions to beat the summer. In this article, we will take you through Room Cooler Vs Desert Cooler and the best cooler to buy in 2024.

Air coolers work on the technique of evaporative cooling. It simply pulls Natural air from the outside and drives it through the wet cooling pads. The evaporation of water takes place in these cooling pads that bring down the temperature of the air, which is then blown out by the fan.

Types Of Air cooler

There are Six types of air coolers available in the market.

  • Room Coolers/ Personal cooler
  • Desert Coolers
  • Window Coolers
  • Tower Coolers
  • Portable Coolers
  • Tower Fan-Cum-Coolers

All air coolers, regardless of their type or design, work on the principle of evaporative cooling. They use the process of water evaporation to reduce the temperature of the air being circulated. As air passes through the wet cooling pads or media, the water evaporates, absorbing heat from the air and thereby cooling it down. The cooled air is then blown out into the room by a fan.

The temperature reduction achieved by an air cooler can vary depending on factors such as the humidity level, ambient temperature, and the size and efficiency of the cooler. Generally, air coolers can lower the temperature of a room by 3 to 8 degrees Celsius. However, it’s important to note that the cooling effect is more pronounced in dry climates with lower humidity. In areas with high humidity, the cooling effect may be relatively less effective.

Additionally, the cooling capacity of an air cooler can also depend on the size of the room or area being cooled. Smaller air coolers are designed for personal use or cooling small spaces, while larger coolers like desert coolers are capable of cooling larger rooms or even outdoor areas.

Room Cooler (Personal Cooler)

Room Cooler or Personal cooler air coolers are designed for use in small to medium-sized rooms, typically ranging from 100 to 300 square feet. They are portable and easy to move around, making them ideal for use in bedrooms, living rooms, or small offices. Room coolers are usually smaller in size and come with a water tank capacity of around 20-30 litres.

Desert Cooler

Desert Air Cooler is mostly suitable for places that have dry climatic conditions, Specially for places that are away from coastal areas. They are capable of cooling larger rooms than personal coolers. Desert coolers are also larger in size and consume more energy.

Mostly Desert cooler is kept outside the room and Room coolers are kept inside the room. However, we can also keep desert cooler inside the room where we have an open area near the window, but its cooling capacity will get reduced.

Tower Coolers

Tower coolers are tall and sleek units that provide effective cooling while occupying minimal floor space. They are designed to deliver a powerful airflow and usually come with additional features like remote control, timer settings, and air purification filters.

Window Coolers

As the name suggests, window coolers are installed in windows or through-wall openings. They are compact in size and ideal for cooling small rooms or specific areas of a larger space. Window coolers are easy to install and offer efficient cooling in a localized manner.

Portable Coolers

Portable coolers are lightweight and easy to move around. They often come with wheels or casters for mobility, allowing you to cool different areas of your home as needed. Portable coolers are versatile and can be used in various rooms or even outdoor spaces.

Tower Fan-Cum-Coolers

These are hybrid units that combine the functionality of tower fans and air coolers. They provide both cooling and air circulation, making them suitable for use throughout the year. Tower fan-cum-coolers are compact and offer convenience with their multi-functionality.

But here In this article, we will mainly talk about the Difference between Personal and Desert Cooler.

Difference between Personal and Desert Cooler

Personal air coolers (room coolers) and desert air coolers work on the same basic principle of evaporation. The evaporation process takes place in the air cooler which leads to the release of cold air. Although the principle of operation of both air coolers is the same, there is a slight difference in the operating mechanism that makes them so different from each other.

In desert air coolers, air comes from outside. They take air from the outside environment and mix it with the water from the cooler Due to the high speed and pressure, the water evaporates. As the remaining moisture content continues to rise, the temperature tends to cool, and then the cold air is released from the air cooler.
Desert air coolers have pads on 3 sides of a cooler and when evaporated air passes through these cooling pads it mixes with the cold water and becomes colder.

However, personal air coolers also work on the same basic principle of evaporation, but they do not use air from outside, but instead use the air present in the room.

Personal air coolers are comparatively smaller, so they can be walked around and used in different rooms. It is used essentially to provide cooling to an individual. While Desert refrigerators are intended for larger rooms.

Room Cooler Vs Desert Cooler

FeaturesPersonal CoolerDesert Cooler
Suitable ForSmall – Mid-Sized RoomsMid – Large Sized Rooms
Water CapacityUp to 40L40L – 80L and Above
Cooler LocationIndoreOutdoor
PriceIt starts from Rs. 4000It starts from Rs. 8000

Which type of cooler is best for a room?

If you are thinking which is better desert cooler or room cooler?

My answer is Desert Cooler.


It totally depends on the location where you are living and the size of the room.

In dry areas with low humidity, an evaporative air cooler or desert cooler is a good option. These coolers work by blowing air over a wet pad or filter, which cools and humidifies the air. They are energy-efficient and effective in cooling a room, but they may not work well in areas with high humidity.

In humid areas, a dehumidifying air cooler or portable air conditioner is a better option. These coolers work by removing and cooling moisture from the air, making them effective in humid climates. However, they may consume more electricity compared to evaporative coolers.

Overall, the best type of cooler for a room in India depends on the climate and humidity level of the area. It is recommended to consult with a local expert or retailer to determine the most suitable type of cooler for your specific needs.

Whereas, Desert Coolers are preferred in dry climatic conditions. Dry Climatic conditions are places with very hot temperatures, almost no humidity, and very little rainfall.

Best Desert Cooler Available in India

Also check out the list of 5 Best Symphony Desert Air cooler.

Best Personal Cooler Available in India

Frequently asked questions

Can a desert cooler be kept inside the room?

Yes, It can be kept inside the room. But, It may increase the humidity of the room because it takes the hot air from outside to cool the room.
It is advisable to keep the desert cooler outside to make the most use of it.

What is the difference between an Indore cooler and an outdoor cooler?

The difference is totally the same as the Difference between Personal and Desert Cooler.
Indore coolers are personal coolers or tower coolers and desert air coolers are outdoor coolers.

Why desert cooler is more effective in summer?

It is because the desert cooler takes hot and dry air from outside and this hot air causes the water to evaporate due to the high speed and pressure. As the remaining moisture content continues to rise, the temperature tends to cool, and then the cold air is released from the air cooler.

Can air coolers be used alongside air conditioners?

Yes, air coolers can be used alongside air conditioners, especially in areas where the climate is extremely hot. Air coolers can help enhance the cooling efficiency of air conditioners by adding moisture to the air and providing a more comfortable environment.

Are air coolers effective in humid climates?

Air coolers are most effective in dry climates with low humidity. In humid climates, the cooling effect of air coolers may be less pronounced as the air already contains a significant amount of moisture. However, air coolers can still provide some level of cooling and increased comfort in humid climates, especially when used in well-ventilated spaces.

Which type of cooler is more energy-efficient?

In general, room coolers tend to be more energy-efficient compared to desert coolers. This is because room coolers are smaller and have a lower cooling capacity, requiring less energy to operate.

How much does a room cooler cost compared to a desert cooler?

The cost of a room cooler and a desert cooler can vary depending on the brand, features, and specifications. Generally, room coolers are more affordable compared to desert coolers due to their smaller size and lower cooling capacity.
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