Room Cooler Vs Desert Cooler | Best Cooler to buy this Summer

Air Coolers are the one of the best and pocket-friendly colling solution to the beat the summer.

Air coolers work on the technique of evaporative cooling. It simply pulls Natural air from the outside and drives it through the wet cooling pads. The evaporation of water takes place in these cooling pads that bring down the temperature of the air, which is then blown out by the fan.

Types Of Air cooler

There are two types of Air cooler available in the market.

  • Room Cooler (also know as a personal cooler)
  • Desert Cooler

Both types of air cooler work on the same principal and can take down the temperature of the room by 3 to 8-degree Celcius depending upon environment and surroundings.

Room Cooler (Personal Cooler)

Room Cooler or Personal cooler are favorable for the places which have humid weather conditions and areas which are closer to coastal places. They are explicitly intended to be used in small or up to 200 sq feet sized rooms. They have smaller water tanks and consume less power.

Desert Cooler

Desert Cooler are mostly suitable for places which have dry climatic conditions, Specially for the places which are away for coastal areas. They are capable of cooling larger rooms then personal coolers. Desert coolers are also larger in size and Consume more energy.

Mostly Desert cooler are kept outside the room and Room coolers are kept inside the room. However, we can also keet desert cooler inside the room where we have an open area like near the window, but its cooling capacity will get reduced.

Quick Difference between Personal and Desert Cooler

FeaturesPersonal CoolerDesert Cooler
Suitable ForSmall – Mid Sized RoomsMid – Large Sized Rooms
Water CapacityUp to 40L40L – 80L and Above
Cooler LocationIndoreOutdoor
PriceStarts from Rs. 4000Starts from Rs. 8000

Best Personal Cooler Available in India

Best Desert Cooler Available in India


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